Virtualmin Backup Process Issue After MariaDB SCL Upgrade

OS type and version: Centos 7 64 bit
Webmin version: Latest Release
Virtualmin version: Latest Release


I recently realized I was running an old MySQL database server version and needed a quick way to upgrade without effecting other things on my system. I was reading this forum and someone was describing how they upgraded to MariaDB using the SCL. It worked great. I did end up re-importing my database but it went OK. Now, when I try to do a backup on Virtualmin it won’t let me backup my database. I have to go into phpmyadmin and pull that separately. I have updated the DB information inside of Webmin/Virtualmin but I am a little concerned I cannot automate a backup of the site and database. Anyone have experience with this?

Just curious: Have you tried running the check configuration tool? I’m just wondering if maybe Virtualmin doesn’t realize you’ve switched from MySQL to Maria.

Thank you for your response. I have checked it and everything went OK, there was even a line indicating it recognized my MariaDB install. When I goto make a backup and select the option to include databases, it halts with this message:

Dumping MariaDB database matamo …
… dump failed!

mysqldump: Couldn’t execute ‘show events’: Cannot proceed, because event scheduler is disabled (1577)

There’s this thread here that talks about this same issue.

The last post in that thread talks about fixing the issue by running mysql_upgrade. Best you read that thread to see if it applies to your particular situation.

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Thank you. I did see that, however, I wasn’t sure about running that command with my SCL installation. I suppose I am confused by it and it has caused me more trouble than if I upgraded normally.

I agree. Maybe @Joe can weigh in real quick when he gets a second.

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When I google this error, everything indicates you need to run mysql_upgrade as @Gomez_Adams has pointed out. That’s not really a Virtualmin issue…you upgraded mariadb. When upgrading a database, you should read the upgrade docs for that database. It will presumably tell you when you need to run mysql_upgrade (it is not unusual to need to do this when going from one major version to the next).

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