Virtualmin Backup info files.


can sombody tell me why virtualmin generates files when I make a Virtualmin Backup of the virtual servers on a FTP-Server?

Would be oleased if somebody could help me.

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:


I believe those .info files contain metadata that improves performance of a restore of backups that are stored remotely. They make it so that Virtualmin doesn’t need to extract any information from the backup archive.


Hi andreychek,

thank you very much again for your quick response. I allready thought it would be something of that kind.

Greetings Jose

But please note, that there is a bug regarding this new feature. If you store the backup files offsite (via ssh) and you try to restore, then the backup (via ssh) fails. A workaround would be to either delete the info file stored offsite or just copy the backup folder/files locally.