Virtualmin backup files format

Virtualmin have a module to backup virtual servers. It creates file without an extension and with unknown file format (gz, tar.gz, zip not suitable).
Sometimes I want to see or extract some items from backup file (for example, backup of database) to some folder. In Virtualmin & Webmin functional I can’t find how to do this.
Can I manually with the standart software extract items from the backup file?


Hrm, it’s unusual that it would create them without an extension, it creates a .tar.gz for all of mine. I’d be curious what “Backup Destination” and “Backup Directory” were set to when you try to run the backups.

Perhaps you can still extract them from within Virtualmin though.

If you log into Virtualmin, click “Webmin” on the top-left, choose “Others”, then “File Manager” – you can first move the archive you want to open to a location of your choice, then use the “Extract” option to extract the files within it. Remember though that it’ll pull out all the files, so be sure to move it to a location that won’t overwrite anything first.

Also, from within that Filemanager, if you double-click the file, you can download it and view it locally (using tools like tar or unzip on Linux, or WinZip and friends on Windows).

Pretty much everything in Virtualmin backs up to tarballs (gzipped tar), though it’s possible to get bzip2 or non-gzipped format, if you try, I think. I’d be surprised if “tar zxvf filename” won’t extract it, since tar.gz is the default archive format. zip can’t be counted on to exist on a UNIX/Linux system, and it’s not as nice a format to work with, anyway, so I don’t think Virtualmin will ever create a zip file.

You can ask the system to tell you what just about any file is with the file command:

file filename

I think that my version of Virtualmin (3.59 on Debian) do a bad backup files, because it creates file without extension and I can’t untar and unzip it. But backup process goes good without errors:

[code:1]Starting backup of 1 domains to local file /var/backups/qseo/krona2 …

Creating backup for virtual server

  Copying virtual server configuration ..
  .. done

  Backing up Cron jobs ..
  .. none defined.

  Creating TAR file of home directory ..
  .. done

  Saving mail aliases ..
  .. done

  Saving mail and FTP users ..
  .. done

  Backing up mail and FTP user Cron jobs ..
  .. none to backup

  Copying records in DNS domain ..
  .. done

  Copying Apache virtual host configuration ..
  .. done

  Copying Logrotate configuration ..
  .. done

  Dumping MySQL database krona_nn ..
  .. done

Creating final backup archive …
… done

1 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors.

Backup is complete. Final size was 111.19 MB.[/code:1]
I try to analyze the problem and post the solition if I find it.

[code:1]$ tar zxvf ./krona2

gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

Hi there,
What is the output of [code:1]file krona2[/code:1]
Maybe it is bzip?

[code:1]tar xfvj krona2[/code:1]