Virtualmin Backup Fails

Hi all,

My Virtualmin backup routinely fails. I typically get an email that looks fine till the very end where it tried to delete the old backups. The email messages look like:

Deleting backups older than 5 days …
Deleting FTP file /ns2_backups/ns2_backup.Thu Jul 2 00:00:07 2009, which is 5 days old …
… FTP deletion failed : DELE /ns2_backups/ns2_backup.Thu Jul 2 00:00:07 2009 failed : /ns2_backups/ns2_backup.Thu Jul 2 00:00:07 2009: No such file or directory

Deleting FTP file /ns2_backups/ns2_backup.Wed Jul 1 00:00:06 2009, which is 6 days old ..
.. FTP deletion failed : DELE /ns2_backups/ns2_backup.Wed Jul 1 00:00:06 2009 failed : /ns2_backups/ns2_backup.Wed Jul 1 00:00:06 2009: No such file or directory

However, those directories ARE there, and it typically successfully removes other backups in the same pass. Has anyone else experienced this?



Which Virtualmin version are you using? Are you using the latest revision of 3.70? There was a couple of bugs in the initial release, some of which related to backups – so they put out a bugfix release.

I’d make sure you have the latest – and if you do, we’ll need to look into that further :slight_smile:


It says version 3.60, but when I try to update the modules through Webmin, I get a:

Updating Webmin modules …

No Webmin updates for this version.

The machine this is running on is Redhat Linux Fedora 9

This is assuming you’re using Virtualmin GPL. Download the latest version for virtulamin on your desktop, then from webmin go to | webmin configuration | webmin modules | choose option from uploaded file | click install module. This will overwrite the old version of Virtualmin. Then you can try the backup again using the latest version.