Virtualmin backup does not transfer tar file

Hi There,

I seem to have a problem when I try to use virtualmin’s backup system.
It would run through the backup process fine, with no errors on the summary sheet or in the e mail that is sent.

But when I check the destination server it is not present, I have tried to monitor the proces, and I see the tar’ing stage but then it seems to not do the scp transfer phase.

I tried using scp from the command line and it does transfer to the destination server without any problems.

Host server : gentoo 2007
virtalmin gpl 3.23
Dest server : gentoo 2007

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Sounds like a bug. But you’re going to want to test it on the latest version of Virtualmin (we’re on 3.45…3.23 is really old). If the problem persists, file a bug in the bug tracker and we’ll get it fixed.

thanks that resolved hte issue instantly