Virtualmin as SAML SP and/or IdP

Can Virtualmin be configured as a Service Provider to my existing IdP?

Alternatively, does Virtualmin support acting as an IdP?

read the docs on what Virtualmin does, no mention on SAML

unless the pro version has a script for it but never heard of it

No, and no. It hasn’t really come up. But, it’s certainly something worth considering. Our user model isn’t actually very amenable to that thought…we use system users for everything (well, except databases), and while I guess there are PAM options for SAML, it’s pretty complicated to setup and would impose some additional restrictions on how things work.

I’ll have to do some reading and thinking, but for now and the foreseeable future, the answer is “you can’t get there from here”. At least not without implementing it yourself.

We do support LDAP, though, which can probably be integrated with SAML in some sort of way, depending on which LDAP server you use.

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