Virtualmin api modify-user not working same as web interface

Hello, i am trying to integrate autoreply feature that enables auto reply of virtualmin email addresses from a PHP app.
I am running this command to save autoreply parameters entered in PHP app:

It works fine but it sets autoreply From address to

If i do the same from Virtualmin > Edit Users > user and save the autoreply text it adds From header as “Real Name” where “Real Name” is the value of field Real name under Virtual domain user details" section.

How can i set autoreply From email to include the name of person when using modify-user API ?


well how about to ask virtuamin guys the same question as this is advanced talk - feel free to ask them.

How can i ask them? I thought asking here is equal to asking virtualmin devs.

Another bug i found modify-user API.
…&autoreply-start=2018-05-21 00:00:00&autoreply-end=2018-05-21 23:59:59
status “failure”
error “Date spec must be like 2007-01-20 or -5 (days ago)”

It does not accept time. If i set …&autoreply-start=2018-05-21&autoreply-end=2018-05-21 then in the autoreply file under /var/virtualmin-autoreply/ it writes Autoreply-Start: 1526853600
Autoreply-End: 1526853600

However setting 21. May 2018 as start and end from Virtualmin > Edit Users works fine and saves in the file these values:
Autoreply-Start: 1526853600
Autoreply-End: 1526939999

modify-user API is not working as Virtualmin GUI :frowning: