Virtualmin, Apache, SuExec and Yum exclude

Quite the subject eh? :wink:

OK… so I just installed VM Pro… and was quite pleased to see that it automatically did a custom install of Apache with the SUEXEC AP_DOC_ROOT="/home". Saved me some work over the GPL version.

Now, my question is this: In the past when I did my custom build of Apache, I had to add an Exclude=Apache to my yum.conf to prevent it from being overwritten with the standard /var/www home directory configuration. What should I do now? Add the exclude? How should I update Apache in the future with VM installed?


Howdy Clint,

Our packages on systems that use yum are safe from having Apache upgraded out from under you, as they have an Epoch, which trumps all other version information in RPM. You don’t need an exclude rule.

Good to know. Thanks. :slight_smile: