virtualmin and zimbra

hello all…i need your help once again…
here is what i need…i already have my domain setup (everything works fine!) and i have another machine running a mail server (zimbra).
My mail server runs on port 85…and i did the port forwarding needed already…

i need to set up my server to give my clients access to this web based mail like this:

  1. for domain to hit in browser

  2. for domain to hit

both,must redirect to port 85…do i have to set a virtual server for each and give port 85 or how do i set this thing…? got any ideas?

If i hit it gets me to the main site and if i hit goes to my zimbra login page,which is fine…

so,what i need is to add a forward like instead of
I think i’m close enough,but here is where i stuck…anyone who has any ideas please?

thank you!

Well, Virtualmin already has the ability to redirect webmail.domain.tld to some other URL… you may be able to tweak that to do what you’re after.

You can set that by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website. You can set the domain to redirect to by setting “URL for webmail redirect”.


well…still lost! i tried this way,but here what i have already…
I guess this solution works for one domain only? or i’m wrong?

here is my settings:
web server running on and mail server running on two separate virtual machines.

(mail server is zimbra and i can access it using

But,in zimbra i have more than one domains…
So,can i redirect each domain like this: and instead of using the port?
Something i’m missing…

When i set up virtualmin i used <> as fqdm…and the,i set my virtual domains like and

I hope these info are clear enough…and,i will give it a try…

Please folks…anyone who has any knowledge of how to redirect to
Tried lots of options,but no luck…
Thank you!

anyone who has any knowledge of how to redirect to

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to accomplish here. If Zimbra is running on port 85, you wouldn’t want to redirect from 85 to 80. You’d want to go the other way and redirect to

Or you might consider proxying the mail domain to port 85.

You can add any kind of redirect you want (if the generic redirect that Virtualmin does for webmail isn’t sufficient) in the Server Templates Apache section (you may also need to add a record in the BIND template, as well if you aren’t using one of the names that gets setup by default in Virtualmin).

Dear Joe,thank you for your answer!
Here is what i need…I have two servers, web and mail…Web is running on and the mail on 1.20

I setup my web domains in virtualmin as always (so far so good…) and on the mail server (that;s zimbra which runs its own apache,so i run it on port 85) i set my mail domains.

So i end up with: and i need a,but is web-based zimbra mail!
When i hit goes to (the site;s main page…) which is incorrect.

Si my users need to: hit and go to the website and hit and go to which is my zimbra mail server;s login page…

I use port forwarding to do it,and i also tried to redirect it from virtualmin…but i cannot do it…
So,hope its clear now…Any chance to resolve this situation?
Could you give me some easy steps to redirect it?