Virtualmin and Webmin

I understand Virtualmin was designed with webmin in mind. What I haven’t quite grasped (granted I breezed through a couple of pages of the install helpguide last night at 230 and I wasn’t fully awake)…

If you purchase Virtualmin - or even use the freeware version do you download and install webmin too? Does it matter which one you install first? etc…

I’m starting to like both more and more as I read doc’s. I’ve had nothing but system and configuration logistic nightmares with Plesk and Cpanel in how they try to cram everyone into their mold (such as forcing you to use ipv4 addresses when you have /64 pool of ipv6 addresses that you got for free from linode just sitting there that you can’t use…) gotta stop my eye twitch and internal growl is coming back…


never mind -this is why you should read installation docs after a night of fresh sleep and with your glasses on… found the answer. disregard this post and sorry.

hey, head up! if you need help just shout it here. I have no idea what time zone you are but im in UK, so if you want we can have chat on hangouts (google thingy) and I would be glad to help you with install/questions… (please be aware I do only debian as it is always worked for me so I have massive gap regards other oses)

I appreciate your kind offer. I’m on the west coast of the US. I have a couple of fellow SEO buddies who are mentoring me in SEO. I’ve been in IT infrastructure and servers for a few years but I’m fairly new as a pro in SEO/webhosting/webdesign.

anyway what I meant to say is that John and Chris are both in the UK which is why I mentioned them in the first place :slight_smile: - lack of sleep is an aweful brain warper. :slight_smile:


First off, I’m glad you found the answer to your question.

Just to clarify, Virtualmin is NOT a separate product. In fact, it’s a module of Webmin. Virtualmin offers all the hosting automation features making things like setting up a website, managing DNS, email, etc a lot simpler. Though technically, without Virtualmin you could go through all the steps Virtualmin does in a single click manually, but this would be painfully at times lengthy and error prone. In a nutshell, Virtualmin was created to simplify hosting.

If you have any further questions, always feel free to ask. No question is stupid (even with my vast knowledge of the “min” products I ask questions from time to time).

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions