Virtualmin and THunderbird email client setup


Ive got a brand new virtualmin/webmin install and have set the server template for new email accounts to user@domain.

Im trying with the latest version of thunderbird to connect to my email server

I use the auto discover ports and for the email and for the login I use the same thing. Where am I going wrong? Shouldnt this work on a new install?



What problem(s) are you having when you do that?

Do you get an error of some kind?

Also, do you notice any errors in the mail log – either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log?


Hi Andrey,

THunderbird just says “Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your email account.” If I know what settings it should be set to then I could do a manual config. Like port, SSL and authentication.

Where can I find which port, SSL and authentication type that a default install has setup?

Also what username should I be logging in as? I would assume its right?

I didnt have a mail.log file only a maillog file and it was totally blank.


As far as I’m aware, Virtualmin does not support the autodiscover feature of Thunderbird. To do that, the webserver needs to be set up to provide replies for certain URLs queried from the respective domain by the mail client.

Would be a nice thing if VM supported that actually. :slight_smile:

The standard ports are 25 SMTP, 110 POP3, 143 IMAP, 993 IMAPS, 465 SMTPS, 995 POP3S.

SSL should work with both STARTTLS and direct connect to the SSL ports. Authentication method might have to be set to PLAIN, I think the encrypted methods are not supported by Postfix/Dovecot out of the box. Doesn’t matter though if you use SSL.

Thanks guys… I got it… heres what happened. I knew those ports and had tried them to no avail.

the autodetect and the MANUAL config wouldnt work.

Finally I got it ungrey the button that says create account. So I clicked that figuring maybe just the smtp was messed up and not the pop3. At least this way I can see which one is still messed up.

Soon as I clicked create account it asks me to accept a security exception. When I accepted it then it all worked great.

So my point is the stock virtualmin and thunderbird needs some tweaking. Putting that autodetect for mail clients would REALLY help bring VM to the next level. It should do this automatically. I know for whatever reason I’ve never had this issue when I used Cpanel.

Just trying to make the product even better. Its already awesome though.


ok I spoke too soon… the pop3 part is working good but the smtp out still isnt setup.

I went to gmail and was able connect (send emails) as an add on pop3 account
using port 25 for smtp and an UNSECURED connection.

I cant see how to setup an unsecured connection in thunderbird so I can send using smtp just as easy as the gmail interface.

I tried port 25 and all of the options. Is there anything in VM that I can do to fix this? So I can send out from thunderbird to vm postfix as an unsecured connection?


I’m not exactly sure what the remaining problem is… Can you re-phrase that and give some more details? What exactly did you try server and client side? What errors occured? What’s in the mail logs?