virtualmin and Package Updates needed?

Virtualmin, in main info page, is telling me about "Package Updates": bind9 Internet Domain Name Server 9.4.2.dfsg.P2-2ubuntu0.1 webmin-virtual-server Webmin module for 'Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL)' 3.69.gpl webmin-virtual-server-theme Webmin theme 'Virtualmin Framed Theme' 7.1 webmin-virtualmin-awstats Webmin module for 'AWstats Reporting' 4.1 webmin-virtualmin-svn Webmin module for 'Virtualmin Subversion Repositories' 4.3

if i install that, i lost something or do i need to reconfigure virtualmin then, or it’s just an update with no problem?


Why would there be a problem? Updates are intended to be installed. That’s why we bother to keep making new versions! :wink: