Virtualmin and Mailscanner

I would like to try out virtualmin pro on my mail gateway which currently runs mailscanner. If I go to the open source webmin plugin for Virtualmin, it shows the buttons for "Start Mailserver" and Start Dovecot" as crossed out which seems to suggest that virtuamin cannot "see" mailscanner. Is there a way to get virtualmin pro to work with an existing mailscanner setup?

Howdy Johnny,

I suspect it’s probably possible. But I’m not familiar enough with MailScanner to know. The author of Postfix still recommends against using Mailscanner with Postfix, so we don’t support it directly (since our default MTA is Postfix in Professional). But Sendmail is also fully supported by Virtualmin and Webmin, so getting all of that spinning shouldn’t be all that difficult.

The mail server and dovecot start/stop buttons are probably orthogonal to Mailscanner, as I don’t think it has anything to do with the actual processes–my understanding is that it watches the incoming queue and doesn’t directly interact with the MTA or POP server. But maybe I don’t understand it. :wink:

You probably just need to get Virtualmin and Webmin aware of where you installed your MTA and Dovecot. That’s in the relevant Webmin module for the service (so, probably Sendmail, and definitely Dovecot). Check the module configuration to be sure they match where your stuff is actually installed. PID and start stop commands are the relevant bits.

Ok thanks again. I think I will try to leave the mailscanner/dovecot issues until I am sure I have everything else running ok…in the other posts you helped with regarding running behind a firewall. but do you know if installing/running Dovecot will have any bearing/impact on mailscanner? I know its not your area and I will post the question with the MS list, but thought you might know