Virtualmin and Magento

I bought a small ecommerce site that runs on Magento, a platform that I have zero experience with but want to learn about. I tried Googling Magento & Virtualmin and didn’t find much. I am a great believer in never assuming anything I can ask or learn about. So I would like to ask the basic question: Can you run magento websites through the shared Virtualmin setup?

Assuming yes, is there anything particular I should watch out for? I’ve been reviewing the libraries that I will need to add to my Centos installation.



Magento can indeed run on a server with Virtualmin… it’s even included as a Virtualmin Pro Install Script, but will run just fine on Virtualmin GPL.

What do you mean by a “shared Virtualmin setup” though?

If you run Magento, I would suggest one Magento installation per domain, and placing the Magento files within (or underneath) that domain’s public_html folder.

I wouldn’t suggest trying to install Magento system-wide for multiple domains to share, as that setup can be problematic.

Does that answer your question?


I am sorry for the poorly worded question. What I meant by shared was one Virtualmin (VM) installation with Apache working in shared mode so the VM installation could host more than one domain. I was planning on one Magento install per public_html folder