Virtualmin and ftp problem

Hello. I’ve got a dedicated server with Virtualmin 6.12 , and a “simple” vps, that I’d like to use as a backup.

I’ve configured a scheduled backups with the vps’s ftp as destination.
On the label “File on server”, i’ve inserted this “%d%m%y%T” so I can see the folder with date/hour of the backup.

But, running it, I see this error:

Starting backup of 191 domains to %d%m%y%T on FTP server (ip)…

Failed to connect to FTP server : Failed to connect to (ip):19032110 : Connection timed out

Backup failed! See the progress output above for the reason why.

Currently, my Ftp works if I try to connect manually with filezilla or other ftp client.

Your dedicated server with Virtualmin - has it got a firewall?
Your VPS with some OS - has it got a firewall?

Can you from the dedicated server SSH ftp to the VPS?

  1. Yes, it has a firewall
  2. Yes, it has a firewall
  3. I don’t know, I can try. I’ll update ASAP this post.

About the point n.3 : if I try “ftp (ip number)” , I’ve got “ftp command not found”.

Currently I’ve got proftpd on my server.

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