Virtualmin and Fedora 25

So what would I need to do in order to get this accomplished? TIA…

There was some discussion about Fedora 24 in a couple of pull requests for the install script here:

Note that I didn’t merge either of those, as they based off of the version of the script on, which is quite behind the one in git (the person submitting it assumed the one here was newer, not sure why).

In short: The install script may need a bit of updating, and there needs to be a software repository (either on our server or hosted by a third party) that includes the necessary packages. That’s probably just the virtualmin-base package, the httpd packages rebuilt with suexec-docroot set to /home, and procmailwrapper. I think all of the other bits are provided by Fedora, without needing custom packages.

It’s not a huge amount of work, but because we can’t support Virtualmin on Fedora due to really short lifecycle, I have rarely put the effort into it (I think the last time I put in the work was Fedora 19, maybe). I sometimes do it when I want Virtualmin running on my personal laptop or desktop for development purposes, since I run Fedora as my preferred desktop OS.

So, if you’re thinking of running Fedora on a server, I’d recommend against it. But, if you just want a development laptop or desktop with Virtualmin on it, that’s a valid pursuit, and I’m happy to help by answering any questions you might have (we’re ramping up for a major new release, so I can’t volunteer to do any of the work, though).