Virtualmin and essential apache modules?


A simple question: I want to fully optimize my configuration to speed up my dedicated server. Can you tell me what apache modules are essential for Virtualmin? I routinely uses PHP, MySQL with Apache.

I disabled the DAV functions and so I removed the 3 modules enabled by default. I also removed the ruby module I do not use that language.
I would deselect well as the proxy module and its extensions (balancer, connect, http) but I’m less certain of possible side effects.

Thank you for your information!
Thank you also for all other optimization ideas that do not relate apache!




Well, that’s a tricky question to answer, as it depends on what you’re using :slight_smile:

It’s usually safe to remove the proxy related modules, if you aren’t using the proxy features within Virtualmin (those usually aren’t necessary – but you’ll get proxy related errors if that’s a problem, you can always re-enable it).

It’s also usually not necessary to have mod_perl enabled.

And mod_php is only necessary if any of your sites are using that – most use FCGID or CGI though.


Thank you for your reply. I just disable mod_proxy and associates and everything seems to work. I have a few active modules that I do not know specifically, but I will read the apache documentation first.