Virtualmin and CSF firewall


I am trying to setup virtualmin and CSF firewall.

I have setup virtualmin fine multople times, then i install csf and it installs ok and i load up the webmin module ok, the only problem i have is that it does nothing. I enter ports to allow, ip address to block and so on and nothing, it just dosent work. I have all the required modules installed and functinging as well.

I have noticed that if i enter the IP tables using the firewall thing which is on virtulmin then i can block ports using that, but i want to use csf.

I have tried installing webmin on its own and isntalling csf and that works correctly, only when i install virtualmin it dosent, its as if virtulmin is telling iptables to read from a different place.


I don’t know anything about CSF, so I’m not really able to offer any assistance… but I can offer that Virtualmin doesn’t change how iptables works :slight_smile:

It should work just as well with or without Virtualmin.

I can offer that, when installed, Virtualmin does setup a few firewall rules that would open ports for commonly used services (FTP, SSH, Email, Web, etc).

But, it should certainly be possible to use a tool for managing iptables, nothing Virtualmin is doing is out of the ordinary.


I have found out the problem, just incase anyone is is having this problem. WHen i installed csf it added my home ip address to the always allow thing.