Virtualmin AMIs for EC2

Whatever happened to Virtualmin EC2 AMIs ? It seems there are no recent AMIs and the ones that did exist are no longer available. Would love to see Virtualmin AMIs again!


Which AMI were you trying to launch? It looks like they all still exist…

I think I tried this one: ami-9129eff8 but it may be dated.

I also tried ami-5ae43f33 but I get the same error message “The image id … does not exist”

Do you have the AMI identifier for an existing US East GPL AMI ?

I found this AMI, ami-c5cd70ac which looks promising as it claims an EBS root device and GPL, version 3.94 of Virtualmin but it is apparently Amazon Linux not Centos.

Try this one : ami-9129eff8

It is dated, but after installing you should be able to trivially update all packages from within Virtualmin.

ami-9129eff8 is one I got an error message about when I tried to launch it. Finally figured it was easier to launch a new Centos instance and install Virtualmin from the script!

Yes, that one works too. And you can launch it on Amazon’s free tier of VMs…

FYI, I just tried creating a VM using that AMI, and it worked fine (in the us-east location)

I am having extremely good luck by launching the stock Amazon Linux EC2, and then installing VirtualMin Pro. Kernel updates, etc. have been flawless from 2.8 through 3.4.

I know it’s not the optimal solution and probably not appreciated by Joe and Jamie, but if you have a Pro license and then downgrade to GPL, you have a lot more flexibility on the initial install.

I was able to successfully copy the ami-faea4f93 AMI to my region (Sydney) via the following steps:

  1. Launch ami-faea4f93 in US East region.
  2. Make an AMI from that instance.
  3. Copy that new AMI to Sydney region. This is a relatively new AWS feature, but you can only copy AMI's you own, hence steps 1+2.
  4. Launch the newly-copied AMI in the Sydney region, which is working flawlessly. I have it running as an EBS-backed micro instance.

I have to ask though, are the Virtualmin guys ok with me doing this? And if yes, would you object to me writing about it in my blog?

Cheers, PH

Sure, go for it! In fact, I would be interested to know the steps involved in making an AMI copy like this, as last time I looked into it the process was rather painful (I had to copy files across to the new region in S3, and then re-bundle the image).

Cool, thanks Jamie.

Dets on the EC2 AMI copy feature are here:

This method does come with a warning, in that “… instances launched from the new AMI in the destination region may still use the resources from the source region.” I don’t know if this is the case with my copy – I don’t even know how to check that at this stage!

But everything seems to be working fine, so I’ll put the steps I took together in my blog and post the link here when done.