Virtualmin Amazon S3 HTTP 400 errors


I have been running Virtualmin backups successfully for a while with local and FTP backups, and have added Amazon S3 backups too. This is across about 60 Virtual servers.

However I get Backup Failed, every day. Its only one or two virtual servers that get an error
upload failed! Upload failed : HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

and they vary from day to day

Amazon publish error codes

however there are about a dozen that apply to 400. Is there anyway of debugging this?

The files get created so I suspect it might be a checksum error, but of course it would be easier if I knew what errors we are looking at.

Any ideas?

Nobody experiencing this?

Any ideas?


The backups that are failing – how large are they, out of curiosity?

I know you said the exact domain varies, but when it does fail, is it typically a large archive?

Unfortunately, no one else had reported seeing that issue, so I’m not quite sure what that might be, but I’m curious if maybe it’s failing for some reason on larger archives.