Virtualmin 7 Installer/Debian 11

Go right ahead. Took me less than 30 minutes on a 10 to 12 year old Sony VIAO laptop to set it up.

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You can never speed these things up else you release a full version with bugs :frowning:




One of the features I have liked about Debian is the ability to upgrade the system to newer versions without have to wipe the box.

I’m relatively new to Virtualmin. The box I am using it on runs Debian 10 right now. I’m using Virtualmin version 7.1 of with Webmin 1.994.

Based on what I am understanding in this thread, are there any opinions on just updating the box to the stable version of Debian 11? Has anyone tried this? Did it work okay?

Thanks for any opinions/guidance!

Stay on Debian 10 for now. After all, you’ve still got two more years before end of life, so there’s no rush. The only sure fire way I know of right now to upgrade to 11 is a fresh install with the Beta installer.

I’m sure either @Joe or @Ilia will weigh in eventually to correct that if it’s wrong.

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