Virtualmin 7 Installer/Debian 11

Hi guys, your product really is awesome. However, by not supporting installation on Debian 11, you have left a substantial number of potential users in the dark. I am wondering how aware you are of this and what you will do to prevent this from happening again. Folks might go look for some other tool or at least decide to not buy Pro licenses, as they would like proper support in exchange.

A bit of background: Debian 11 has been released almost a year ago. At the time it was decided not to support this OS version in the current installer, but to work hard on release of the next installer for Virtualmin 7. No release date was mentioned, just “sometime soon”. The sometime soon has been repeated a few times, but alas - no release. Meanwhile Debian 9 has reached its end of life. So all this time people wanting to replace Debian 9 servers or just wanting to use Debian as an OS, practically couldn’t install Virtualmin, unless they used an older OS version, 10. Fortunately, a beta version of the Virtualmin installer has been provided over a month ago. It seems to be working, however, the official release is still pending.


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I am not looking for the beta install script which I mention myself, Gomez. I wonder how this could have happened and what will be done to prevent it.

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The point is, it’s a work in progress. It is ongoing. Continuing to ask “when it will be officially done” is a moot point.

It will be done when it gets done. It works as it is, so use it. Or don’t.

I am not asking that. I am afraid that if this happens again, user base might shrink drastically of a tool I really like. Basically the consequence of your: “Or don’t.”


You’re complaining about a non-issue. It works as it is. People are already using it.

There’s also Debian 10 that is already fully supported that you conveniently ignore. You’re desperately trying to create an issue where there isn’t one.

If you were lazy enough to hang around on Debian 9 until it passed end of life without bothering to upgrade to Debian 10 in that entire time, why suddenly the desperation to have a “certified” installer for Debian 11 that was just released 11 months ago?

Seriously. It’s like you’re complaining about having no gas available at your local gas station because you don’t want what’s in the pump already, you want what’s in the truck that hasn’t arrived at the gas station yet.

Maybe you should not interfere. You are making assumptions about using an EOL OS version and not using the beta installer.

I waited until Debian 11’s release and then indeed waited for the installer which has been promised for quite a while, and it is very likely that I am not the only one.


No, I’m not. I’m pointing out the fact that you’re complaining about an installer that actually works while living on an end of life OS rather than upgrading to a fully supported OS that was released three years ago.

Those are facts, not assumptions.

You are funny, Gomez. The only fact is that Debian 10 was released 3 years ago. Funny, and normally positive, but in this case not very constructive as you aren’t addressing my concerns. Admitted, these are a bit reflective and not very concrete, but they are honest. Maybe Joe, Ilia, or even Jamie can share a light.

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The beta installer supports Debian 11.

While the word beta normally would imply testing or unstable it’s pretty much 100% complete ATM.

If you experience issues with it, let us know and we’ll make sure they get addressed.

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Again, this is not about the beta installer. I decided to use it some time ago, as I am fairly sure that I can handle possible unforeseen side effects, and did not want to use Debian 10 and upgrade to 11 later on.

It is about the installer still being beta and previously being not available for months, resulting in Virtualmin not properly supporting Debian 11 - although I don’t want to rub this in. However to me, it seems legit to question how this could have happened, if you agree that this might impact the number of users, what could have been done differently in retrospect, and if/how this can be prevented in the future.

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So, it’s not that it doesn’t work. It’s that it didn’t work at the instant you wanted it to work.

So, it’s all about you. Got it.

You are getting even more cynical. If it was all about me, I would have contacted you at the time I needed it. However I do think it would be great if Virtualmin would support one of the main Linux server distros’ current version as soon as possible - just like it always has until now. Maybe I have taken this for granted, but it is the kind of reliability people like to build upon.

Over and out from me. I would still love to hear anything addressing the questions I am raising.


Again, it does. You’ve been told that by two different people. It is stated on this site multiple times. People have been using Virtualmin on Debian 11 since May.

But you don’t care about that. For some odd reason, you keep complaining about an issue that literally does not exist.

What’s more, it sort of smacks of lunacy when by your own admission you’ve been using Virtualmin since somewhere around 5 years time and never once posted until now.

That tells me that you should have known by now how this works and how they progress. Frankly, I think you’re just here to make a scene, because once again, you’re complaining about an issue that literally does not exist.

Official Virtualmin 7 release is coming soon. However, there will be almost no change compared to the current beta installer. Even though you’re using beta installer you will receive stable release of Virtualmin 7.1, that will continue to work after the official release.

Although, there are known minor bugs in Virtualmin 7.1, which will be fixed with Virtualmin 7.2, the installer and the packages installed -won’t change at all.

If you need to upgrade to Debian 11, please just don’t hesitate and do it any time you wish.


That is great news, worthy of updating Virtualmin 7 Installer beta. Thank you, Ilia.

Maybe Gomez is right and I made some sort of a scene eventually. However I am sincerely interested in how this could have taken the time it took and if there are ways to speed this up. Maybe I or others could have been of assistance.

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After I finish my lunch, in 45 minutes, I can download and install Debian 11 and Virtualmin on one of my laptops and I’ll post a screen shot of it.

It’s not rocket science.

No need, Gomez. I have already done so long ago and it did work like a charm.

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Wow. Just wow. :roll_eyes:

I’m really looking forward to using Virtualmin on Debian 11
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