Virtualmin 6 & 7 - Ubuntu 20.04

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I was searching forums for more info but I couldn’t find any.

With Virtualmin 7 coming in future, what will happen with people who will continue to use Virtualmin 6, will they update automatically or have an option to stay with v6 ?

What exactly will happen with folks who use Ubuntu 20.04 with Virtualmin 6, because from what I read you are planing to switch MySQL with MariaDB in Virtualmin 7, will people have an option to stay at Virtulamin 6 and get updates, or they will be switched to Virtualmin7 and MariaDB thru update?

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It’s worth understanding that the version of the Virtualmin virtual-server module and the version of the you used to install are separate things.

When you installed, you got a Virtualmin 6 stack of packages and configs. That will never change (well, it did, accidentally, when we had a mishap with the Ubuntu stack packages a few months back, but it’s supposed to never change). It’s fixed forever or until you manually switch the system.

The Virtualmin virtual-server module is not, in any way, tied to any of the services that were installed by the installer. You will be able to (and definitely should) upgrade to the 7.x versions of Virtualmin virtual-server module, when it arrives, without altering the stack of packages you have installed. That version of the Virtualmin module will go into all maintained repositories (including the /vm/6 repository you are using).

MySQL will not switch to MariaDB when you upgrade your system to the Virtualmin virtual-server module, if it was installed using the Virtualmin 6 installer version. The lamp and lemp stack packages in those repos will continue to use MySQL forever. Virtualmin 6 repos are fixed, in that regard.


  • Always upgrade to the latest available version of packages in our repos. It is (theoretically) always safe to do, and it is unsafe to run out-of-date software.
  • The Virtualmin repositories that were used during the installation are the ones that will be used forever unless you intentionally switch to a new one (which should be done with care and awareness of the changes in the stack packages, or intentionally excluding the stack packages from updates). Since you installed using the Virtualmin 6 version of the installer, you will always be using the /vm/6 repositories.
  • The Virtualmin virtual-server module version 7 will go into all maintained repos, including the /vm/6 repos. That doesn’t mean you have a full Virtualmin 7 installation (it won’t enable features that are setup by the vm7 installer), but it will mean any features that are provided by the module and not the installer will be available to you.

And, to be very emphatic: You should never “stay with” any old version of our software (or any software).

Does that make things clear?


Great explanation, thank you very much !

Thanks for the detailed explanation. How then, does one upgrade from VM6 to VM7 and have all the latest changes, just as if one had started with a fresh install of VM7?

I know Santa is very busy but do you think he’ll have VM7 ready before Christmas?