virtualmin 4.11 new feature - mailbox cleanup

Hello guys,
I see in virtualmin changelog that we can globally set automatic cleanup of messages in all mailboxes and folders.

Where exactly is this in virtualmin? Can´t seem to find it. I used to do this in server configuration in each virtual server.



You can find that option in Email Messages -> Mailbox Cleanup.


Thanks Eric,

Unfortunately Mailbox Cleanup is not showing under Email Messages I thought it was because of the theme “finally” but even changing it doesn`t show.

Hi Eric,

Yesterday I have installed virtualmin 4.11GPL on a vultr VM and I have the same issue, the Mailbox Cleanup is not showing under Email Messages.

I though it would be a problem in my current server however the problem persists after a fresh install.

This feature would be very handy to me, is there a way to fix this?


Same issue here. The Mailbox Cleanup does not show up for me under Email Messages. Running everything up to date.

This feature appears to currently only be available in Virtualmin Pro. I suspect that’ll change in a couple of revisions (as it’s not a feature that requires a huge amount of maintenance or ongoing development).

Hi Joe,

I think the fact that the functions of “Automatically delete spam?” and “Automatically delete trash?” in “Server Configuration=>>Spam and Virus Delivery” are not working is related to “Mailbox Cleanup” new feature, I say that because it was working before 4.11 release.