Virtualmin 3.87, secondary mail servers

So, the new 3.87 says that the secondary mail server will receive a list of valid addresses from the master. Which I’ve always wanted! Great. But a question - what if the secondary server is a secondary to TWO masters? Will it combine the lists (hopefully)? The doc page references this feature, but, doesn’t say what happens when a secondary is a secondary to multiple masters, which we do.

I am concerned this will actually break our secondaries since we had to manually manage this.


It should indeed work with two masters.

No existing domains should be “clobbered” when new addresses are replicated out to the secondary mail server.

That said – I’d of course always recommend having backups, just in case :slight_smile:


Domains always worked with multiples. It’s each individual user. So, you are saying it should combine the lists from multiple master mail servers into one relay_recipients file correctly.

Yup, I had asked Jamie, and he said it should work just fine with multiple masters :slight_smile:


The, this is a wonderful new feature indeed! I suppose I should close my request from long ago then in the support queue.

Yep, closed issue 3930 from Feb 2009. We can now get rid of our own special logic to download and combine these. Thanks!

The changelog for 3.87 for GPL doesn’t mention any changes for this. Speaking of when used on a backup mx.

I don’t think it would matter whether you have Virtualmin Pro or GPL on the backup server. In fact, I suspect it’s Webmin that’s actually performing the magic on the remote server.