Virtualmin 3.74 on CentOS 5 - PHP/Joomla! No Write Permissions


I installed Virtualmin 3.74 today on my freshly-imaged CentOS 5 VPS, I updated the system with ‘yum update’ before downloading and successfully executing the installer. The installation went smoothly, and I was able to log in, make virtual websites, edit DNS, etc… When I tried to install Joomla! however, whatever user PHP was executing in was not able to write (but could read) to the configuration.php file, I had uploaded and unzipped the files via ftp/ssh, and owner is mywebsite.mywebsite with all the ‘proper’ permissions.

I did some research but could not find anything helpful. I believe that the problem could be that PHP is not running using suEXEC as the mywebsite user, it therefore could not read/write as the owner. I need this feature really much, as that was the reason I decided to give up my hopeless dream of running my website using a self-designed software system w/ a package manager. =( I am lost without Virtualmin…

I am not seriously knowledgeable of how Apache/CGI runs under Linux, especially on RPM-distros (I would use Ubuntu, but the BIND server keeps crashing,…). I have installed Virtualmin on a freshly-imaged CentOS 5 image, disabled all mail-related plugins (since I will be using Google Apps Standard Edition) and have done nothing else, nothing else has gone wrong. I am not sure what the terms ‘fcgi’, ‘mod_php’ etc… means, or what PHP is running under for that matter…

Thank you very much for your help!
Complex Mind

Are you using Virtualmin GPL? GPL uses mod_php by default, and not suexec. That is, Apache is executing scripts as the apache user, and not as the Virtual Server owner.

You can either modify the files to permissions that allow the Apache user to write to them, or better, just setup suexec using the instructions here:

Thanks for your quick reply! I can’t seem to find anything for Default PHP Execution Mode. I don’t see this anywhere under the Apache Website area, but Automatically add appropriate SuExec directive? is set to Yes. Did this move?


Update: NVM, pro version only…