Virtualmin 3.74 ETA?


I noticed that Virtualmin 3.74 was released on on the 10th, and was wondering when will you be releasing it on

Per previous threads on the topic of releases available on vs I realize that you do extra testing before releasing it here, so I am just curious I guess how things are going.

One of the feature changes I recently suggested was implemented in the new build, so I’m quite eager to start using it as soon as possible.

Thanks both to you Joe, and Jamie for listening to your community, and for making the adjustments to the upcoming release which will no doubt make not only my life easier.

*** Feature changed in new release per request: which A records are enabled by default when creating new DNS domain. ***

It’s typically within 2 weeks or so, but that also depends on if they find any problems :slight_smile:

So, I suspect we’ll see something along those lines near the end of October.