Virtualization platform for production server


I’d like to use Cloudmin as the main virtualization manager for KVM, Xen and OpenVZ in a production environment.

  1. Can I have all 3 types hosted within one physical node?
  2. Can one license be used for all 3 platforms?
  3. Is there a trial PRO license available or should I try it with the 45 day money back?

Thank you.


With Cloudmin Pro, you can make use of all the virtualization types across any number of hosts. You can do so with just one license.

I haven’t tested whether you can run all three that you mentioned on one host before, though any limitations there would be a technical one with the server… and I don’t believe that’d be an issue.

There isn’t a demo, but if you purchase Cloudmin Pro, you could certainly get a refund if it doesn’t do what you’re after.


Sounds good. Will I be able to get technical support if there are hiccups trying to squeeze all 3 in?

Happy New Year