Virtualbox Headless

Morning All

I recently had my laptop stolen from work. Whilst I am waiting for a replacement I am making do with one I’ve found in the back of a cupboard which is pretty pants.

I’ve got an abosolute beast (in comparison) of a server running virtualmin very happily. I wanted to use some of left over awesome as a virtual machine. However I dont want to damage the virtualmin installation.

I’ve done some reading on headless virtualbox, but am struggling to install it because the kernel version reported by uname -r and -m is not the same as the one thats available in /usr/src/kernels/

So. Questions:

1.) Do I get the source for the kernel that I’m actually running and put it in the kernels folder? If so how?

2.) Is it possible to change the kernel to the version I have in the folder. My Spidey Sense tells me this will break something

3.) Is there a better way of doing this?

Kindest Regards

Alex Nicol