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Is it possible to have a new virtual server created for each new customer?

If I want new customer to host his website at,, and if I want virtual server created for these sub-domains automatically or through website coding such as ReactJS/NodeJS then is it possible?

Also is there any limitation of how many virtual servers can be created under a ?

Everything you describe is possible. And can be done easily via the Virtualmin API.

See Remote API – Virtualmin

Also see

Great thanks. Appreciate quick comment.

An account in Virtualmin is a virtual server. So, if you create a domain called user1.example.tld, you will get a new user named user1 and a website at user1.example.tld (the exact username depends on configuration, though, I think this is the default behavior). That user can then create sub-servers with new names, including names outside of example.tld (assuming you allow them to).

There is no limit to the number of virtual servers under a given domain other than the domain/virtual server limit imposed in Pro. They’re just names. Virtualmin don’t care that they’re all names in example.tld, they’re all just names.

That’s very well designed. Thanks for the same and quick note.

Regarding “outside of example.tld” you mean that if I have one virtual server with domain then I can also have other virtual servers (not sub-domains like in virtualmin for each user (for example,,,, etc… any domain totally different to original first domain associated with first virtual server?)

If it is so that will be great and will give me an opportunity to offer the option to user’s own domain used and based on user’s supplied (any domain) domain my website then create new virtual server and configure it with relevant settings applicable.

In that case, what about the IP address? Will virtualmin allow each virtualmin server to have their own public static IP configured? So like virtualmin running on a server with multiple domains configured to separate virtual server and each virtual server with it’s own public static IP?

If we disregard the scalability issues, does virtualmin allow to have as many virtual servers created like this?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic really. Thanks again for taking the time with quick comments. Very kind of you.

To conclude:

Configuring a VPS or bare metal server (which has at the very least a single publicly accessible IP address) to host multiple domains - where each domain can have a website and multiple email addresses - is what Virtualmin does.

The Virtualmin web interface has the menu option to Create Virtual Server. This is what it looks like:

When this form is filled, the following things happen automatically within Virtualmin:

  1. a user / customer is created and password assigned
  2. a website is created on the publicly accessible IP address (this IP can be shared by all other websites hosted on the server) and an under construction page is created. Additional websites can be created by the user / customer via the Virtualmin web interface.
  3. an email address is created and this is the default email address for the user / customer. Additional email addresses can be created by the user via the Virtualmin web interface.
  4. a FTP account is created for the user / customer (with the same credentials as in point 1 above) so that files and web content can be uploaded and downloaded. Additional ftp users can be created via the Virtualmin web interface.
  5. a database is created and assigned to the user / customer for use with the website. Additional databases can be created by the user via the Virtualmin web interface.

In this manner, a single server can be shared by multiple users to host multiple websites / domains.

All of the above can also be accomplished via the Virtualmin APIs

That is awesome. Just what I needed. Thanks for sharing the details.
Virtualmin is very well designed.

This information here will also help many others like me. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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