Virtual Server Spam Delivery Question

At present my virtual server ‘’ has the setting “Destination for spam emails = throw away”.

I have now set that to " Write to standard spam file ~/mail/spam".

But I’m wondering… where exactly is that file? :wink: It doesn’t seem to exist at /home/

This is CentOS 5.7.


Yeah, the “~/mail/spam” option isn’t what you’d want on most systems – the option right after that, Write to standard spam Maildir ~/Maildir/.spam/, may be what you’re after.

By default, Virtualmin servers would be using Maildir.


Ah - I see. Thx.

Am I right in thinking that if I have webmin >> servers >> spamassassin >> procmail spam = “throw away”, then this will override any setting I make at VM >> >> server config >> spam delivery?

Hrm, I’m never attempted to tweak those settings in Webmin -> Servers -> SpamAssassin – I’m not sure which would take precedence. You might have to play around with those settings and see what happens :slight_smile:


OK :wink:

Now I may have made a mistake in setting the procmail setting to “throw away”, as I think it would better to have spam delivered to a spam folder (where it can be monitored). So I’m thinking that I’ll change that setting to "deliver normally!. However…

I have around 170 virtual servers created whose default setting seems to be >> server config >> spam delivery >> deliver normally. If I change the procmail setting, I think they’ll all start getting a flood of spam (tagged as ‘SPAM’ though)?

What I want to do is this:

  1. Change the procmail setting to ‘deliver normally’
  2. Globally change all virtual servers to deliver spam to the ‘Maildir ~/Maildir/.spam/’
  3. Globally set ‘delete spam mail after 30 days’

Is that possible? If so, how?