Virtual Server show incorrect disk usage

OS type and version Rocky Linux 9.2
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7 Pro

This domain has 4 gigs of mail and it doesn’t show.
@staff is this a bug?

The domain has 4GB of mail, or the users in the domain?

The users in the domain have their own Maildirs in each of their respective home directories.

Under users it shows, but shouldn’t it show use for 4GIG on that maildir as its for the domain in total

Nope. Maildir is a folder. It is showing you the usage of that folder. It would be a lie if it told you all the domains mail was in that folder (because it isn’t, it’s in /home/domain/homes/user/Maildir for each user).


Ok, gotcha, but then homes should have a large value.

Yep. You’ve found a bug.

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Er, wait, maybe not. This is showing quota usage for the domain owner user, which is potentially quite different from disk usage (so it’s bug-like that we call it disk usage if we’re showing user quotas). Technically it is doing what the code intends, but it’s not what a user would expect.

I’m gonna have to talk this out with Jamie and Ilia. It’s misleading in some way, I’m not sure what it’s trying to accomplish.

Users in /homes will have their own user, but share a group with the domain, so they are subject to domain quotas, but also have their own usage counter for their user. We’re presenting it in a confusing way.

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Yeah i’m think its for the whole domain including users.

You’re not wrong to think that. We’ll fix it somehow. We’ll either make it more explicit what it is showing (quota consumption for the domain owner user, and not any users within the domain group), or we’ll fix it so it actually shows disk usage. I think I prefer the latter, though there are technical difficulties in doing that (user and group quota are different and independent, though related, and sometimes you need to know one or the other…but what we’re doing now is clearly wrong).

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I’ve made a github issue for tracking this with Jamie: Disk Usage isn't showing disk usage, it's showing quota usage · Issue #579 · virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl · GitHub

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