Virtual server settings not saving

Good afternoon,
I created several virtual servers some work as expected but others not so much, and settings that are saved do not apply for a specific virtual server.

under Show Webmin switch in navigation menu? is set to No

however, the Webmin tab still shows when logged in as that user and also the virtual server that was created has access to the global PHP settings…

Global php.ini can be viewed but not overwritten

Where do you change this option? It should be changed under Server Owner Limits.

After applying option this on the user, you would need to force reload the browser’s page.

This seems like a bug, even though you cannot save it, the buttons Manage and Edit Manually should not be displayed for global PHP config, right @Jamie?

the changes still do not take effect.

I made the changes in administration Options -> edit owner limits -> Show Webmin switch in navigation menu? for every user

still see the webmin tab for that user

are there any other global settings?

Yes, that’s a bug … I’ll fix it.