Virtual Server Owner User - what should I be using it for

contabo basic VPS 6Gb memory
OS type and version AlmaLinux 9.3
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0

Hi Everyone,

Should I be able to login to FTP using that user (i.e. have access to the entire filesystem for that VS).

Should I be using it for email storage (like abuse, postmaster, hostmaster etc…).

I set the password for this user when we setup the VS, but I don’t see a link to change that password in the edit users section.

Maybe I should just be leaving the user alone and setting up a separate user for FTP/system mail access. What’s the best practice?


Re: owner password, in Edit Virtual Server > Configurable settings you will see Administration password. Heed the warning below, re database passwords.

Owner user is a good FTP or SSH user. For email, log in via Usermin (port 20000 by default), and you can read emails.

If you want to use the Virtualmin Terminal or File Manager, you should go to Manage Virtual Server > Switch To Server’s Admin.

Yes. And, via ssh.

You could. There is no “should”. I point those to my personal mailbox, though, since I look at it more often (though still not very often).

You’re not looking very hard. It’s in the Edit Virtual Server page.

The virtual server owner is generally what people use to manage the site, including websites (via FTP or ssh) and databases. I don’t use it for mail and instead send everything administrative for my domains to my personal email box, but it could receive mail, if you want it to.


Thanks for the pointers. I hadn’t used the usermin interface before - handy for mail… I had been trying to use roundcube, and I could access other created mailboxes, and although the owner mailbox would open in Roundcube, and it would display any messages, once I tried to send anything, it was failing as it was connecting as a localhost user and not using the domain name,


but with usermin, I can get around that.

No one other that me will be accessing the owner accounts, so I don’t have to worry about end users needing that.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for the detailed reply.

When I read,

You could. There is no “should”.

I couldn’t help but see Yoda telling me…



my roundcube does show domain, but its off topic.

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