Virtual server not working! Domain sends me to my host servers main page!

I’m having a problem and I am on a time frame so I need to get this resolved quickly.

I currently have a virtualmin server setup on a VPS ubuntu server.

I have 2 virtual servers setup. The first virtual server is working properly, but for some reason my other virtual server, if I go to, it is NOT sending me to the public_html folder for that virtual server. It’s sending me to the default Apache page! The same one I get if I go to the IP of my VPS.

For some reason the redirect is not working! I would greatly appreciate assistance please!


(Edit: I thought the problem might be hostname? But I just typed hostname -f, in to SSH, and it told me it is actually set to the host name for my virtual server that is working… No idea why the redirect is not working please help!

And just for some information, I DO have some content in the public_html folder. Copied over an install of Prestashop, and a couple txt files just to see if any of them are visible, and they are not working.)

Anyone that can assist please??

Really need to get this fixed…


It sounds like you’re saying the wrong website shows up in some circumstances. That could be the result of an IP address mismatch within Apache.

Take a peek at the article titled “The Wrong Site Shows Up” in the following documentation:

Thanks for the response!

So I read the article you linked. It did turn out in the configuration files it was listing the IP as *:80.

I added the actual IP address for all hosted websites, and now everything seems to be working properly!

Thanks so much!