Virtual server not displayed in dropdown


I’ve just created my 3. virtual server, and after serveral minuts the virtual server looks like being succesfully created. After the creationprocess was done, I can’t find it listed in the dropdown menu (in the left/top). Navigating to BIND DNS Server and Postfix Mail Server I can see, that the new virtualserver is displayed, so everything seems to have been configurated properly - except for the dropdown menu.

Is there someway I can get it listed, so I’m able to access the options associative with the specific virtual server?


Hmm, it should always show up there – that’s unusual that it doesn’t!

Do you happen to have the output from the creation process?

Also, are you able to log into Virtualmin as the owner of that particular domain?


I’m alittle unsure where to find the correct logfile for the creation process. I’ve looked in actionlogs, but it dont give me anything useful - as far as I can see. I’ve tried loggin into webmin with the newly created username, but it just returns login failed. I’m unable to login with the other virtuals aswell, I might be missing something to enable that, tho.

Can you give me some directions where to find the logfile.

Sorry that message isn’t stored anywhere, I was just wondering if you scribbled it down when it happened. That’s unlikely though since you didn’t have a reason to think it wasn’t working at that time :slight_smile: