Virtual Server List Empty But Still Running

I have a small Virtualmin instance with 4 virtual servers. I was messing around when I shouldn’t have been and now my virtual servers list is completely empty despite the servers/sites still running. The system user accounts still exist and are listed in webmin but as far as virtualmin in concerned the server has no virtual servers setup.

The two things I did before I noticed what went wrong was run apt upgrade (where a virtualmin upgrade did take place) and I was testing “Backup Configuration Files” where I tried making a backup and then immidiatly restoring it. The restore gave me a failed message and then I realized I hadn’t selected all the right options for the backup in the first place so I assumed nothing changed and went on to a different task.

I can’t seem to find how Virtualmin stores the virtual servers it’s running otherwise I guess I would start there.

I appreciate any ideas, I don’t look forward to rebuilding the server.