Virtual Server Group Owners (how ?)

Information 1st.

  1. Just moved all web sites from plesk to CentOS 5.2 and Virtualmin.

  2. There are 2 of us that have websites on this server.

  3. In my web site server list I have owners who need to login and manage their own server(s).

  4. In Plesk there is a Parent Owner Group. In other words I would only see servers I am in control of. I could also Assign accounts to web sites for my customers to manage email web content etc.

Is there a way to do this with Virtualmin ?

What is the best way to accomplish assigning admin accounts to my sub servers using Virtualmin ?

Any Virtual Server owner has the ability to see and manage the Virtual Servers and Sub-Servers underneath of their account.

When setting up a new user with a domain of their own, the typical way of doing that would be to create a new Virtual Server, and to have that particular virtual server owner be able to manage their virtual server setup as such. They wouldn’t be able to see anyone elses virtual servers/sub-servers, only their own.

There is a feature the Pro version of Virtualmin offers for resellers. It allows “resellers” on the system to generate accounts for users, and each reseller could only see Virtual Servers that they and their users created – they can’t see other reseller Virtual Servers.

I hope that helps, just yell if that doesn’t quite make sense :slight_smile:

Yes, It makes sense that feature would cost $$.
Thanks for your reply and letting me know it is possible.
We may purchase the pro version for that reason alone.

  • Robert

Hi Robert,

It sounds like you already have the GPL version working there – feel free to check out the Virtualmin Pro demo (link below) to get a feel for some of the things it does differently.

The Reseller functionality, along with the Script Installers (one click installation of various web apps, such as WordPress, Gallery, and 80+ others), and other goodies come with the Pro version – there’s some additional comparisons in the “Compare” link below.

Have a good one,