Virtual Server disabling

Hi Guys - I’ve got a question regarding the virtual server disabling feature in Virtualmin.

At the minute if I disable the server - it stops absolutely everything; this is mostly correct. I want to deny access to emails, but I don’t want to lose any - is this possible?

In the Virtualmin configuration I can see the option “Mail (stop accepting email for domain)”, when this is selected, as I said it shuts down mail completely, which isn’t quite what I want to do

So what exactly is your aim? Mail should still be accepted, but your users should not be able to retrieve them? I guess the only way to do that would be locking out their accounts, but I don’t think Virtualmin has a specific feature for that. Or rather, it’s possible that account lockout is part of the other disabling features, you might just try keeping the mail feature active and see if users can still log in to mail then.

When you disable a domain, it lists what steps it does. Is “locking account” or similar part of that?