virtual server directories

im no administrator. Heres the deal. im a web designer, my cousin’s is proviging my host. i have a domain
mgdwebsolutions. the domain registered is i’m just wondering where i should be uploading the file.

secondly, i had it in the “homes” directory. it worked. when i would go to, my index was visible. later, i accidently deleted the entire contents of the home folder. now mgdsolutions gives me a 403 error or something. could 1 of the 2 files (1 was awstats, and not sure of the other) that i deleted be causing my trouble. if so, how would i go about replacing it


You would want to upload all of your web content into the /home/USERNAME/public_html folder.

The “403 Forbidden” error you’re receiving now may simply be because there’s no web content in the public_html folder now.


thanks for the timely reply! im having a hard time finding info, with the sopa protests goin on, so i really appreciate teh help

i tried ur suggestion…

heres the path i have

now when i direct to, i get


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

i can’t believe that i’d have to have the index itself in public_html?

Is mgdwebsolutions the primary domain for that account?

That is, when you clicked “Create Virtual Server”, and setup a domain, user, and the like – was the domain that was setup?

If so – than you would indeed put your files in /home/user/public_html.

If later on, you create an additional domain named, say, “” – the web files for it would be placed in /home/user/domains/

So the primary domain for that account has files placed directly in /home/user/public_html, and all other domains are located somewhere in /home/user/domains/.