Virtual server cannot be deleted, as it contains DNS records for another server

OS: Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5, Webmin: 1.973, Virtualmin: 6.16

I had a virtual server ( with a sub-server ( for a while and decided to set up on another separate server but convert the to a primary server and leave it on the current server.

What I tried:

  • Selected in Virtualmin
  • Server Configuration > Move Virtual Server
  • New Parent Server: <Convert to parent>
  • Added new username and password for the Virtual Server
  • Clicked “Move Now” button
  • is shown as a primary server now
  • Selected in Virtualmin
  • Disable and Delete > Delete Virtual Server
  • Clicked “Yes, Delete It” button
  • Got the following error:

Virtual server cannot be deleted, as it contains DNS records for server

  • Checked BindDNS records of both & and both of them do not have any conflicting records (as far as I can tell).

What is causing this error and how can I fix it?

hi there - you should not use this release as it is dead - please upgrade to at least 22.04

18.04 is supported until 2023.

22.04 doesn’t come out until April next year, so I guess you meant 20.04.

RESOLVED: Ended up downloading the virtual server files, backing up the database, deleting both the virtual servers and recreating the subserver again.

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