virtual server access through /~username?

I’ve got virtualmin up and running thanks to the help of the Virtualmin staff lurking around the forums, so thanks for that.

My new question is, is there any way to access virtual servers through http://IPADDRESS/~username. Currently our server is just going to be running internally for a little while using the IP address, but we will be setting up a couple of virtual servers on the box and would like to have access to the web pages and FTP on these accounts. I can’t seem to get/~username to work and the FTP logins don’t authenticate either.

Is there a security feature preventing this from happening.




Well, there’s a couple of options in this realm – one of the preferences being using an alias rather than ~/username.

There’s some details on the options here:,com_openwiki/Itemid,48/id,frequently_asked_questions/#how_do_i_make_a_users_website_available_at_httpwww.mydomain.tldcustomerdomain

Joe details 3 (or so) options in that – I recommend the one involving “Automatically create alias domain”. That keeps things nice and easy, and doesn’t involve any security implications!

Thanks for the quick reply, I don’t see the “Create Under” option under the apache section of the template, but I do see an area labeled “create alias websites by”: and then has four radio options.

Hmm, it looks like that’s under “Virtual Server Creation” -> “Automatically create alias domain”.