Virtual memory?

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3-1

I have setup virtualmin on a new debian 11 server and after setting all domains up I realized, that the system is not using any virtual memory.

Is there a reason for ? Since the hardware setup of the new server is pretty similar to the old one I wonder what is the reason to have the usage of Virtual memory steady at 0 …

virtual memory is swap memory. good that you’re not using it, it’s much slower…
real memory is RAM.

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Absolutely but that is the first time I see that debian isn’t touching the swap tho … thought at first sight its a virtualmin thing but saw now, its the overall swap and its free.
Seems to be a Debian 11 thing tho, used Debian 9 a week ago, was a swap hell compared to this :wink:

maybe swappiness value has changed, maybe daemons don’t use so much swap in newer versions, maybe other things too…
with ssd disks it’s not so bad using swap, but with hdds, high swap usage can cause a very high load on server… (slower responses - read/writes)

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isn’t swap only used when real is full? By that you have heaps of real memory free.

no, some daemons swap even with lots of free ram… don’t know much about mem internals, but a low swappiness value helps with that.

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