virtual mailbox setting (virtualmin+postfix+dovecot)

Virtualmin 1.556
installed from interface address is private, and NAT env.

can i setting virtual mailbox style? (virtulamin+postfix+dovecot)
by default, used to unix user account mailbox.

Virtualmin Configuration > Server Setting
“Mail server to configure” = Postfix

create virtual server, and add mail user.
so, set to postfix virtual and create unix user.

i know vmailbox config by postfix and dovecot.
but i don’t find virtual mailbox setting by virtualmin.

if i configure the vmailbox by postfix and dovecot,
automaticaly create mail user as vmailbox style??


Virtualmin creates a user with every mailbox user. There isn’t a way to get it to use virtual users with Postfix. Sorry!


this sounds like something virtualmin needs… The ability to handle virtual mail users…