Virtual machines and internet access on them.

I’ve been working on a project for a long some time now but my only problems that i keep running into is that all of my created VM’s don’t have internet access.

I’ve followed countless tutorials and read alot of pages describing bridge connections, but i’m not getting them to work the way i want to.

I’m using my PC: A quad core 8 GB RAM Host OS is debian and QEMU-KVM for testing purposes with cloudmi/webmin API. websites i’ve followed are:

i’m not using information that is not listed in the urls mentioned above, so my settings would look the same the name such as br0 and br1 could be something else and my ip address on my network is in the 192.168.5.x zone.

Could someone please lend me a hand with this problem. i don’t understand what i’m doing wrong. I just want my virtual machines to e.g ping

thank you in advanced


Are you using Cloudmin to setup/generate your Virtual Machines?

Or are you creating them manually, using the command line or other means?


I’m using cloudmin to setup/generate my virtual machines(but i want to also learn how to do it via command line but mainly i’m using cloudmin right now)

to be honest i’ve managed to get it working, but i’m using two NIC’s and when i used 1 NIC i could not get it running and that was my concern.