Virtual IP drop-down manu is missing

My server has one physical NIC, to my knowledge. It is a server I am leasing from a data center. To it I added 5 virtual NICs with unique IPs with their own Netmask, provided to me by the data center, and different from the IP range and Netmask configured on the NIC when the dedicated server was initialy configured. Then I added the IP range in the server template. But when I go to create a new server there is no IP drop-down menu I can choose from.

I am using Virtualmin GPL on Ubuntu. I remember a year or tow ago doing something similar on a CentOS distro and the IP drop down menu was available when I was creating a new server.

Does the IP drop-down menu feature still exist in Virtualmin GPL? I certainly can define an IP range!
Is there a way to enable/disable this menu? Maybe I just haven’t enabled it.

Thank you for your help.


There should still be a dropdown there if Virtualmin thinks there are IP’s available to setup on a new domain.

Are those IP’s currently active on your server?

You can determine that by typing “/sbin/ifconfig” from the command line, and seeing if the interfaces appear.


Hi Eric,

They are there. After I added them I activated them and also rebooted the system. I am also able to ping them from multiple geo locations.

The ifconfig command returns the main NIC and IP followed by eth0:1 through eth0:5.

I figured it out. I was confused by the “Virtual IP address” page in the Virtual server template details with “Shared IP Addresses” under Addresses and Networking.

I got the drop down menu to appear by adding the list of IP addresses in “Shared IP Addresses” under Addresses and Networking.