Virtual IP address

I am a little confused about IP addresses.

I added a virtual IP address to eth0 and I want a reseller account to use that address. When I go into the reseller account though it shows the other address.

I might be going about this the wrong way, but basically all I want to do is have two reseller accounts, each with it’s own IP address so that one doesn’t know about the other.

Can you point me in the right direction.

Hey William,

You can configure which addresses the Reseller has access to, on the Reseller Accounts:Edit Reseller page. At the bottom you’ll find a field labelled “IP allocation ranges”. Fill in the IP you want this reseller to use, and he’ll only be able to create domains on that IP, rather than the IP(s) specified in the Server Templates and Module Config.

Holler if this doesn’t do what you want.

first off, I have ticket 194 open, sorry wasnt sure where I was supposed to post.

Ok, I thought that is what i needed to do but I must be missing something.

I had added the ip in the start and ending area of the allocation table, since it was only one IP I added the same one in both spots.

then I log into the reseller account and click create virtual server and at the bottom of that screen the reseller can choose either the shared ip or it has a box to enter a virtual ip. So I left it at shared and it created the account on the shared IP. How do I get that shared IP to be the IP that is assigned to him?