Virtual host not working

Hi there,

I’m new to Webmin and Virtualmin.

I have a VPS where I want to host some of my domains. I installed Debian 6, updated and upgraded before I installed Webmin.

I continued with installing Virtualmin and going through the “re-check” and fixing the errors it would give me.

So far, so good. Everything seemed to work as it should, so I created my first virtual host. It worked and showed me the standard “index.html” file when I visited my domain.
(For some reason it was loading really slow?)

I then proceeded with uploading my files, replacing “index.html” with my own “index.php” file, but now it does not work?

When I go to my domain, instead of showing the index.php file, a download window pops up, asking me if I want to download the file “download”.

The file “download” is my index.php file, simply renamed for some reason.

I hope someone can help me with this, as I have spend several hours re-installing and what not…

it is not clear how you installed virtulmin? But I guess you didn’t run the automatic installation with “”, right? This would install virtualmin and webmin automatically.

Please reset your VPS and try again with (see also documentation)