Virtual Domains with same admin

I would like to use virtualmin to administer a vps, I have a number of independent domains that I want to host and thought vitualmin would make the setup of mail/av/spam, apache etc easier.

I don’t want individual admin accounts made for each domain/virtual server as they simply wouldn’t be used and would be a security risk.

Should I just use webmin instead, it just seemed better to virtualmin as it seems to make moving a domain to another server very easy as well as backup etc. also things like AWStats are configured out of the box along with ClamAV etc.


If your plan is to just one use admin user to manage everything – you could always create all your domains as Sub-Servers under one primary domain.

With that, the main admin user could manage all your domains. But you’d still have the ability to create FTP users to manage specific domains if you wish.