Virtaulmin Backups


I’m managing a server running multiple domains, and I do it using Virtualmin, and I decided to use the Virtualmin Scheduled backups to automate my backups.
But there is a problem, I have quite a few large databases that are being constantly used, and when Virtualmin starts running the backup, those databases get locked and the server kinda crashes until mysql finishes the dump.

I read that when using mysqldump, I can use the --lock-tables=false flag to prevent these locks, but I can’t find that flag anywhere in Virtualmin. Is there a way for me to use this flag?

Thank you.


Unfortunately, Virtualmin doesn’t have a way to pass in parameters to mysqldump.

However, it is possible to achieve something similar using a .my.cnf file.

What you could try doing is create a .my.cnf file in root’s homedir (/root), and in there, put the “lock-tables=false” option that you’re looking to use.


I’ll try that!

Thank you!